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Wash Cycle Laundry is a rapidly growing commercial laundry service that is based in Philadelphia, with significant operations in Washington DC and Boston and growth plans throughout the Northeast US. It is a social enterprise committed to a triple-bottom line. It has a firm commitment to being a “second chance employer” offering upwardly mobile careers for job seekers who have been outside of the labor market for some time, and over half of its employees have histories of incarceration, homelessness, use of public benefits, or substance use. Currently, 97% of its employees (including the Executive Team) started with the company in a front-line role.  We are also working to push the boundaries of environmental sustainability, adopting cutting-edge green technologies inside the plant and pioneering the use of cargo bikes for urban laundry delivery. Founded in 2010, it services a range of marquee clients, including Fortune 500 companies, the US Government, global brands, and others. It has been featured in MSNBC, Forbes, NPR, The Washington Post, Fast Company, and others.

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Philadelphia Route Delivery Manager
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